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About Us

Here at Broken Eagle Ranch, located in the heart of Texas, we have a rather large family consisting of horses and cows, a couple of old red heelers, a couple of catahoula dogs, a mixed breed "Sam", a few sheep and a  bunch of English Orpingtons.  We've recently added to our show team of Australian cattle dogs. Her name will be "Roxy" Red Foots Rose of the Wild Bunch at BER. She fits right in with Hailey and Josie. Then there's Angelina (Angie) our bullmastiff pup. They will be hitting the show ring and herding trials soon. 

Here at the ranch we strive to produce some of the finest English Orpingtons in the country.  These big, beautiful, fluffy birds have quicky become the favorites of poultry enthusiast all over the country. 

This year has brought some exciting changes! We've partnered up with another ranch that has purchased several of our breeding groups. We will be working together to provide our customers with a wider variety of colors while still maintaining the high quality you've come to expect from us.  Check out the Fancy Birds page to see the breeding stock and the wide variety of colors available!   We hope you enjoy our site!